Sway-A-Way : Back to Basics

*May 2016: Shock products are now available for purchase at the Sway-A-Way Shocks online shop.

Sway-A-Way Inc. (Chatsworth, CA.) is excited to announce a transition back to its roots. aFe Power has acquired Sway-A-Way’s complete shock division and will continue to grow and support the shock product line. Sway-A-Way Inc. will maintain control over all other product lines including torsion bars, sway bars, axles, and new for this year, billet hubs.

This acquisition will allow Sway-A-Way to dedicate more resources to increasing customer satisfaction, increased production, faster delivery, and the steady development of new and innovative products in both the street and off-road markets.

It will also allow for additional investment into the shock technology and applications by aFe Power, utilizing their vast resources to improve the products, provide worldwide distribution and strong customer support.

Sway-A-Way is celebrating over 48 years in business as one of the top manufacturers of suspension components and would like to thank all of its customers for their continued support and feedback.

All customers with new or open shock orders and shock questions can contact Sway-A-Way shocks at…

SHOCK REBUILDS: For all shock rebuilds please call KDM Shock Technology at 8186313429  or visit their web site at KDMSHOCKTECHNOLOGIES.COM.

All other orders should still be directed to Sway-A-Way Inc.

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