Subaru Sway Bars

02+ WRX, 05+ STI, 13+ BRZ

Sway-A-Way’s high-performance Subaru sway bars are designed to improve handling & steering feel, eliminate body roll and provide a more neutral/oversteer vehicle balance. Sway-A-Way’s Subaru sway bars are designed with a substantial increase in stiffness over stock and offer multiple holes for stiffness adjustment. Combine a front and rear sway bar for oversteer/understeer balance tuning and enjoy confidence inspiring handling suited to your preference.

Sway-A-Way sway bars are CNC bent to match the factory sway bar bend profile using in-house laser scanning equipment & a hydraulic CNC bender. Sway bar ends are forged and lastly, powder coated for a red corrosion resistance finish. Paired with all Sway-A-Way Subaru sway bars is Energy Suspension’s Formula 5 grease and grooved polyurethane bushings molded to fit the factory bushing bracket. Sway bars are available for all 2002-2017 WRX, 2005-2017 STI, and 2013+ BRZ/FRS.

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