Subaru Sway Bars

02+ WRX, 05+ STI, 13+ BRZ

Sway-A-Way’s high-performance Subaru sway bars are designed to help balance your vehicle, eliminate body roll and improve your vehicle’s handling. Sway-A-Way Subaru sway bars provide a large increase in stiffness over stock and offer two hole adjustment on front bars and three hole adjustment in the rear. Combine a front and rear sway bar for complete balance tuning and enjoy confidence inspiring handling suited to your needs.

All our sway bars are laser scanned to match the factory bar profile, CNC bent, hand-forged, powder coated for corrosion resistance and come with polyurethane bushings designed to fit the stock bracket. We have bars for all 02-17 WRX, 05-17 STI, and 13-16 BRZ/FRS.

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