2.50 Billet Hub Front (5 on 5.5) 12 on 9 3/16″ Rotor


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Sway-A-Way’s new wide-spread front billet hub designedto work with our locking snouts. Billet hub body, rolled studs, Timken bearings, SKF seals, tapered 4.25″ cap, and multiple rotor mounts. These hubs should be paired with our bolt-in locking snout.Estimated Ship: 1Week

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Sway-A-Way’s Billet Hubs are 2.50 wide-spread, 5 on 5.5 hubs. Available in front and rear, both hubs use a solid billet housing, rolled 5/8-18 studs with starter lead, Timken bearings, SKF seals, and 4.25″ tapered cap. Front hubs utilize a dummy drive plate and come in three different rotor mount options; 8 on 7 5/8″, 12 on 8 3/4″, and 12 on 9 3/16″.Wide Spread BearingsUnlike traditional hubs, Sway-A-Way’s Billet Hubs widened the spacing between our bearings for significantly increased bearing life. Shoulder between outer races is 1.50″ in.Locking SnoutsThrow away your crush sleeves, Sway-A-Way has engineered bolt-in front and weld-in rear snouts that completely eliminate the need for this archaic part. Adjust preload by 0.001″ increments by simply tightening or loosening the snout nut and aligning corresponding holes. Secure the steel lock ring and you’re ready to go.Heavy Duty Rotor Mount BoltsTo secure the rotor mount, Sway-A-Way Billet Hubs use 10x 5/16″ Grade 9 Bolts with 7/16″ 4340 shear sleeves. These bolts are all cross-drilled and ready for safety wire.Rolled StudsSway-A-Way’s hubs are paired with Sway-A-Way’s Wheel Studs. These studs are SAE Grade 8 equivalent, rolled thread wheels studs and are stronger than machined studs. The smooth 5/8″ shank extends beyond the drive plate, to ensure no threads are in shear.Seal Retainer RingSealing your rear-end housing is vital and that’s why the Sway-A-Way billet hub includes a steel retaining ring to ensure the main seal remains secure.Timken Bearings & SKF SealsFor lasting performance, Sway-A-Way chose premium Timken roller bearings and SKF seals.