Axle Set – Trophy Trucks – Custom Length 36 Spline – 2.312″ Ends


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High-performance 300M Trophy Truck axles for street and off road racing applications.

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Sway-A-Way Trophy Truck 36 tooth axles are replicas of our standard high-performance axles but are manufactured from 300M instead of 4340 and are left unpainted for magna flux inspection. Using our 300M axles over 4340 is going to give you about 30% more strength and durability that a race vehicle demands. These axles, much like our high-performance sets are heat treated and center less ground. The end diameter of all axles has been maximized for maximum face contact possible between the axle and CV, minimizing wear. The spline length has been increased to 2.312 to allow the CV to float on the axle. The axle diameter is sized to twist like a torsion bar under heavy loads absorbing a large portion of the shock transmitted from the wheel into the gearbox.For owners looking for a high-performance set but don’t require the strength of our race set, we encourage you to check out our standard high-performance 4340 axle sets.