Off-Road Sway Bar for Prerunners, 1400, 1450, and Trophy Trucks

Sway-A-Way’s custom sway bar built to the customers exact length and diameter specifications. Overall bar length is the distance between the outside faces of your mounts + 1.875″ per side. The additional 1.875″ per side is broken down into 1.625″ for spline length, 0.188″ for bushing flange, and 0.063″ for bushing and arm spacing.

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Sway-A-Way’s custom off-road sway bar is a built-to-order sway bar precision machined and splined. Our off-road sway bars are machined out of solid heat treated 4340 to the customers exact specified diameter and length. Using almost 50 years of experience and knowledge, Sway-A-Way is able to offer our custom sway bar at the industries lowest price possible. If you are using sway bar arms from another manufacturer, be sure that the pressure angle is 45 degrees. Some arms out there are 30 degree and they will not fit our sway bar.

This sway bar is available as part of our Off-Road Sway Bar Kit which comes with a custom sway bar, custom drop links, and a pair of our anodized pocketed billet aluminum arms.

  • Manufactured from solid 4340
  • 1 1/2-35 Spline
  • 45 degree Spline Pressure Angle
  • Heat Treated
  • Custom Length & Diameter
  • 300M available at an additional cost. Contact us for pricing.

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Built to customer specification.


Built to customer specification.

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