Rear Sway Bar – 13-16 Subaru BRZ/FRS

High-performance rear 3-hole adjustable sway bar designed for the 13-16 Subaru BRZ/FRS. Includes polyurethane bushings and bushing grease. Available in 19mm, 22mm, and 24mm. We strongly recommend our 19mm bar, please purchase the 22mm and 24mm at your own risk. The 22mm and 24mm are extremely stiff BRZ/FRS sway bars and are intended for the rear of 08-17 WRX/STI, although they will work with the BRZ.

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Sway-A-Way’s high-performance Subaru sway bars are designed to improve handling & steering feel, eliminate body roll and provide a more neutral/oversteer vehicle balance. Sway-A-Way’s Subaru sway bars are designed with a substantial increase in stiffness over stock and offer multiple holes for stiffness adjustment. Combine a front and rear sway bar for oversteer/understeer balance tuning and enjoy confidence inspiring handling suited to your.

Laser Scanned, CNC Bent, Forged

Sway-A-Way sway bars all start with a laser scanned model of the factory OEM bar. Our engineers use this model and stock sway bar parameters to design the proper sway bar for the application. All sway bars are bent through our in-house CNC bender and forged. Forging our sway bar ends results in a strong & seamless sway bar designed to be used on the street and track.


Sway-A-Way’s front sway bars are two hole adjustable and rear sway bars are three hole adjustable. Combine a front & rear sway bar for oversteer/understeer balance tuning and enjoy confidence inspiring handling suited to your preference.

Polyurethane Bushings & Grease

Stock rubber bushings are soft and allow for deflection. Sway-A-Way sway bars are paired with much stiffer molded polyurethane bushings and Energy Suspension Formula 5 grease. Sway-A-Way’s polyurethane bushings are grooved to help retain grease and prevent squeaking. Sway-A-Way’s Subaru bushing are designed to re-use the factory bushing bracket.

Made In America – 2-Year Warranty

Sway-A-Way is located in Chatsworth, CA where we design, test, and manufacture all of our products. Sway-A-Way’s 2-year warranty on all Subaru sway bars protects the original owner from any functional defects, please see our complete warranty agreement.

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19mm, 22mm, 24mm


08-17 Subaru WRX/STI, 13-16 Subaru BRZ



19mm - Hole 1:

+290% Stiffer than 14mm OEM bar

19mm - Hole 2:

+243% Stiffer than 14mm OEM bar

19mm - Hole 3:

+206% Stiffer than 14mm OEM bar

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