Splined Collar – 1.33″ – 31 Spline


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Sway-A-Way’s 1.33″ – 31 Splined Collar is perfect for fabricating completely custom sway bar arms for 1.33 dia – 31 spline sway bars. This splined collar measures 1.75″ in diameter and 1.37″ in length and is used for sway bars.

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Splined Collar -1.33″-31 SplineSway-A-Way’s Splined collars are steel collars precision broached to common splines. Splined collars are perfect for any application that calls for a custom torsion arm or key. Sway-A-Way’s splined collars give the fabricator complete control over fit and finish and are commonly used for custom sway bar arms, custom adjusters and custom torsion bar keys.Sway-A-Way’s splined collars all feature a 45¬∞ edge chamfer and come in various splines and lengths.More collars are available on our Splined Collars page.Tech SpecsMaterial 10XX Series Steel – Excellent WeldabilityProcesses Machined – BroachedSpline 1.33″ – 31 toothPressure Angle 45Diameter 1.75″Length 1.37″