Splined Collar – 1.42″ – 44 Spline, VW Spring Plate


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Sway-A-Way’s 1.42 – 44 Splined Collar is perfect for fabricating completely custom sway bar arms for 1.42 – 44 spline sway bars. This splined collar measures 1 7/8″‚Äù in diameter and 1.5″ in length and fits our off road sway bars.

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Splined Collar – 1.42-44 SplineSway-A-Way’s Splined collars are steel collars precision broached to common splines. Splined collars are perfect for any application that calls for a custom torsion arm or key. Sway-A-Way’s splined collars give the fabricator complete control over fit and finish and are commonly used for custom sway bar arms, custom adjusters and custom torsion bar keys. This spline is the same as the outer end of the VW torsion bar.Sway-A-Way’s splined collars all feature a 45¬∞ edge chamfer and come in various splines and lengths.More collars are available on our Splined Collars page.Tech SpecsMaterial 10XX Series Steel – Excellent WeldabilityProcesses Machined – BroachedSpline 1.42-44Pressure Angle 30Diameter 1.42″Length 1.5″