Spring Plate Set – VW Swing Axle – Adjustable


High-Performance Volkswagen Swing Axle adjustable spring plates manufactured from 1/4″ spring steel with high-strength collars, offer 1 1/2″ in of up or down adjustment. Collar is 1 1/4″ long.

Available on backorder

Sway-A-Way Volkswagen Swing Axle Adjustable spring plates for 21 3/4″ long bars are manufactured from high-quality 1/4‚Äù thick spring steel. The splined spring plate collars are precision welded into place and are available in several different lengths to allow use of different length torsion bars. These adjustable spring plates allow for about 1 1/2‚Äù in. of up or down adjustment.Spring Plates are only available as pairs and come silver zinc plated for corrosion protection. Included are urethane bushings, end caps, and all the necessary hardware.


VW Swing Axle