Standard Quick Adjuster


Standard VW Rear Quick Adjuster for the rear of stock and new VW based cars including VW based race cars, buggies and VW bugs

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Sway-A-Way standard quick adjuster is designed to replace the stock rear torsion center. It provides a quick and easy way to adjust your prelod and ride height on each torsion bar with out having to remove the spring plates and torsion bars. The removable arms are made from heat treated allow steel and are plated with a black zinc plate to resist rust. Adjustment is as simple as turning the adjuster screws on each side and provides about 2″ of total ride height adjustment. This provides an easy and accurate adjustment of ride height, preload and corner weights. One turn on the adjuster screw is .88 degrees of preload on the bar. There are 3.52 degrees per inch of travel on a stock suspension.