Sway Bar Kit – 2002-07 Subaru WRX


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Sway-A-Way’s high-performance sway bar kit, includes a 24mm front 2-hole adjustable sway bar and 24mm diameter rear 3-hole adjustable sway bar. Designed for the 02-07 Subaru WRX, our front & rear sway bar kit helps eliminate body roll, improve handling & steering response, and removes understeer for a more neutral/oversteer balance. Includes polyurethane bushings and bushing grease.

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2002-07 Subaru WRX/STI Front & Rear Sway Bar KitSway-A-Way’s 2002-07 Subaru WRX Front & Rear Sway Bar Kit is designed to replace both factory sway bars with adjustable larger diameter sway bars. Stock, the 2002-07 Subaru WRX come equipped with a 20mm front and 17mm rear sway bar. Sway-A-Way’s Front & Rear sway bar kit includes a 24mm front sway bar with 2 holes of adjustment and a 24mm rear sway bar with 3 holes of adjustability. This complete sway bar kit provides a large increase in stiffness that will remove body roll for better overall handling and grip. Because of the larger relative stiffness increase in the rear sway bar, Sway-A-Way’s front and rear kit remove factory understeer giving the car a more neutral to oversteer feel. Please refer to the charts below for the relative stiffness increases.Sway Bar Stiffness Increase ChartSway-A-Way 2002-07 Subaru WRX Sway Bars Compared to Stock 20MM Front & 17MM RearSway BarHole 1Hole 2Hole 3Front 24mm+121%+100%-Rear 24mm+310%+277%+249%CNC Bent to Factory ProfileSway-A-Way uses in-house 3D scanning equipment and a CNC bender to precisely match the factory sway bar profile. This process allows for Sway-A-Way to manufacturer highly accurate sway bars designed to easily bolt-in.Precision Forged EndsThrough processes mastered over the last 30+ years, Sway-A-Way uses induction heating, presses, CNC plasma cutting, and custom tooling to craft forged ends. This combination of CNC bending and forged ends results in a sway bar that is both strong, accurate and ready for the track.Powder Coated for Corrosion ResistanceSway-A-Way sway bars are sent locally to be sand-blasted and powder coated a bright red finish for lasting corrosion resistance.Polyurethane Bushings & GreaseIncluded with every sway bar are two polyurethane bushings cast specifically for the stock bushing bracket and Energy Suspension Formula 5 Polyurethane Grease. Sway-A-Way’s bushings & grease are sourced directly from Energy Suspension, the leader in performance polyurethane products.This kit reduces front and rear body roll, improves overall handling and grip, sharpens your steering response and provides a more neutral/oversteer balance.Sway-A-Way designs and manufacturers all Subaru sway bars in its Chatsworth, CA facility. Sway-A-Way’s Subaru sway bars are warrantied from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of (2) two years from the date of sale to the original purchaser. Please review our complete warranty agreement.Tech SpecsSway Bar CNC Bent – Forged Ends – Powder Coated Front: 24MM Rear: 24MMAdjustability Front – 2 Holes: Hole 1: +121% Stiffness Hole 2: +100% StiffnessRear – 3-Holes: Hole 1: +310% Stiffness Hole 2: +277% Stiffness Hole 3: +249% StiffnessPowder Coat Red Powder CoatBushings Grooved Polyurethane Bushings – Fits stock bushing bracket.Grease Energy Suspension – Formula 5 Pre-lube The best grease on the market for polyurethane bushings.


02-07 Subaru WRX