Torsion Bar Set – 65-86 Porsche 911/912 Rear / VW

High-performance replacement 26mm rear torsion bar set for 65-86 Porsche 911/912 and Volkswagen with 24 11/16″ long torsion bars.




Sway-A-Way rear torsion bar sets are a high-performance direct replacement for your stock bars, available in a wide range of diameters to allow you to choose the right spring rate for your application. As with all our bars, the Sway-A-Way torsion bars are made with heat-treated aircraft grade alloy steel and centerless ground for vastly improved durability and consistent spring rate.

These bars are available as a solid or hollow bar, the difference between the two being strictly weight. There is a misconception that hollow bars respond faster than solid bars. There is no difference other than weight. In fact, we size the minor diameter of the bar so that it has the same spring rate as a solid bar. If you want to save weight, buy tubular.

  • Manufactured from solid alloy steel
  • Heat treated for increased strength
  • Centerless ground for consistent outside diameter and rate
  • Powder coated to resist corrosion

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24 11/16"


65-86 Porsche 911 (Rear), Volkswagen 24 11/16"

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