Wheel Stud – 14mm x 1.5 – Standard End

High-performance Volkswagen/Porsche wheel studs manufactured from aircraft grade alloy steel, cold headed, and rolled threads. Lengths available from 49mm to 100mm.

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Sway-A-Way’s Volkswagen/Porsche/Off Road Wheel Studs are high-quality replacements designed to withstand the demands of off-road and street racing. All studs are manufactured from aircraft grade alloy steel, cold headed and all threads are rolled for maximum strength. They are then heat treated and finished with a Black Zinc finish. These wheel studs do not have a nut starter incorporated into the stud. Please see the chart below. Stud length is measured from under the head to the end of the thread.

These studs press into the drum or hub. Installation requires a hole drilled and reamed to .562” diameter. The area where the stud head sits should be spot faced 13/16″ diameter so that the seat is flat and perpinducular to the stud.

Sway-A-Way Volkswagen/Porsche/Off Road Wheel Stud Chart

8045STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 100MM LONG, NO LEAD
8049STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 49MM LONG, NO LEAD
 8052STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 52MM LONG, NO LEAD
8054STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 54MM LONG, NO LEAD
8056STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 56MM LONG, NO LEAD
8065STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 65MM LONG, NO LEAD
8072STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 72MM LONG, NO LEAD
8080STUD, 14MM X 1.5 X 80MM LONG, NO LEAD
8050LUG NUT, 14MM X 1.5


Tech Specs

Medium Carbon Alloy Steel

Quenched & Tempered – Cold-Formed

Black Zinc

Tensile Strength
150,000 psi

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49mm, 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 65mm, 72mm, 80mm, 100mm

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